Selection of the most important documents for your tax declaration


Since the German tax law became meanwhile so complicated that one can hardly still measure as

normal taxpayers, whether the delivery of a tax declaration is worthwhile itself.

In the following we listed some case examples, which can be relevant for taxation.

documents about your earning

Invoices for craftwork over repairs or modernizations (e.g. bath renovation, heater maintenance, garden work)

Yearly accounts of the managers for owners and tenants

Additional expenses accounts of the landlords

Costs of assistance in the household (e.g. flash, handles, cooking)

Expenditures for the care of old humans

Costs of the support of children

Funeral costs

Disease costs also of relatives (e.g. medicines, medical consultation fees, eyeglasses, ospitalizations, welfare practical man, cures, dentist)

Maintenance achievements to relatives (e.g. divorced spouses, children, parents, grandparents)

Expenditures because of handicap

Costs for tax consultancy (e.g. contributions at wage tax assistance association)


Riester pension

Rürup pension

Payments at insurance (health insurance, life insurance, liability insurance, nursing care insurance,  motor vehicle insurance, private old age pension insurances, accident insurance, legal expenses insurance)

Expenditures for advanced training

Contributions to trade unions

Doubled housekeeping

Work room with teachers and/or field representatives

Trips between dwelling and working place

Accident costs

Expenditures for work clothes

Application costs (e.g. travel costs, postage costs)

Expenditures for medium (e.g. working clothes, technical literature, PC)

Phone bills

School money payments at spare and/or auxiliary schools

Child benefit affairs


Please note that this is only an exemplary and no complete representation.

We recommend to you to leave itself personally advised in the context of an individually tailored

consulting advice.